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Procurement as a Service

Procurement as a Service (PaaS) is an outsourced procurement model that combines expert consultants, technology and administration to deliver all or parts of an organisation’s procurement lifecycle. PaaS offers - 

Swift Access

Swift access to a diverse range of expert procurement professionals, when you need them


Scale-up & down with ease based on your organisation's procurement delivery demands

Risk Reduction

Reduce risk by having your procurement managed by professionals, with full auditability & transparency

Value for Money

Realise greater savings with PaaS over traditional engagement models

Why Management Options PaaS?

  • Your procurement is delivered by highly trained & experienced procurement professionals

  • We offer collaborative delivery of your procurement needs by leveraging the expertise of our team of diverse procurement experts

  • Save a significant amount of money off your usual procurement contracting costs by utilising PaaS over other engagement models such as full-time contractor resourcing & backfill arrangements

  • We fast-track delivery by utilising Procurement Accelerators & Artefacts, cutting your procurement timeframes down significantly

  • We embed Process improvement into your existing teams whilst delivering quality procurement outcomes for your organisation


PaaS Brochure

View the Management Options PaaS brochure for further information

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